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~ Come Clean ~

The song is in the key of F. 

F - C/E - Dm 

Bbmaj7 - F - C/E - Gm 

That's all that I can remember off the top of my head. I'll post the bridge
when I get home from work and have access to my guitar. 
- guitarfreak217 on Sun Sep 02, 2007 1:16 pm


I think Sherri's part is easier to play than Chauntelle's. Kinda like this as
far as I can tell... she plays capo 5 I believe... but basically it is like playing: 
C (but it's F with the capo of course, like Chauntelle) 
E minor 
5/0 4/2, 3/2, and 2/3 (what is that called? "A" something.) 
then the same chord but with 2/1, which would be A minor 

That repeats alot. Then there is this for "Let's give it a try, let's keep it for truth": 

4/3, 3/2, 2/1 (F or something right?) 
then hold 2/3 in that chord 
and then that F one again. 

Strumming is difficult to describe, but the song feels like it rocks harder than you
originally think... once you actually play it. Don't know if this is helpful but oh 
well. I'm supposed to be working and so... that's what I end up doing instead, of course. 

Sorry, I'm pretty ignorant about the names. 
- voxear on Sun Sep 02, 2007 11:58 pm

...that's string# / fret#, meant to be played all together as a chord. Sorry, I don't 
know much about that stuff.
- voxear on Mon Sep 03, 2007 5:21 pm


Come Clean
Chauntelle's Part
        verse                chorus
     C   em  ?        
e    0----0----0        0----0----0----0
a    3----2----0        0----0----0----0
d    2----2----3        3----3----3----3
g    0----0----2        2----2----2----2
b    1----0----3        1----1----1----1
e    0----0----0        0----3----0----3
Sherri's Part (Cappo on 5th)
        verse                chorus
      F  am   ?
e    x----0----3        6----5----5----5
a    3----0----5        8----8----8----8
d    3----2----3        8----0----0----0
g    2----2----5        7----7----7----7
b    1----1----3        6----8----10--8
e    0----0----3        6----0----0----0
- Audrey Scott on Thu, 11 Oct 2007 2:43 AM


Mister -- er, I don't believe in you. [repeat] 

Just come clean,---all around me [repeat] 

Let's give it a try, let's keep it for truth, 

Why do you want to fall to pieces 

Let's give it a try, let's keep it for truth, and 

Come clean,---all around me [repeat line] 

You can figure out the rest of the song from the above chord patterns. The bridge is where they
sing a cappella; I could write out the notes on staff paper, but not here. Then on the third line of
the bridge ("And I know it wasn't me,"), it goes back to the F-Am-Gsus2-4-7 progression. A few notes on the chords: The Bb7 is NOT a flat 7 (i.e., A-flat). It's a B-flat chord with an A-natural
thrown in at the top; in this video http://www.eisley.com/tourpics/preTour08/ComeClean-parkcityTV.mov
Sherri is playing that note via the capo on her guitar. She also plays that A note elsewhere, namely in what I'm calling the Gsus2-4-7 chord. The chord that
I hear Chauntelle playing there involves these notes: G-D-F-C-D-G; but then Sherri is playing that
high A-natural as well. It's kind of hard to pick out all of the notes, so that might not be perfectly accurate. PS: Don't use the tabs on this site: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/eisley_tabs.htm They're wrong. - StuartBuck If the chord was spelled Bb D F A, you could simply call it Bbmaj7 - DRMS_7888
- StuartBuck, DRMS_7888 on Mon Mar 03, 2008 8:43 pm, 10:15 pm

~ Go Away ~

NC (first two measures) 

Cb Db Ebm Gb 

Cb Db Ebm Gb 

Gb Db Cb 
i am a part of your soul boy 
Ebm Db Cb 
and when you say you're gone 
Gb Db Cb 
i have to reach my arms out stretched to you 
Ebm Db Cb 
because i know we're through 

Cb Db Ebm Gb 
so go away, go away, leave me on my own 
Cb Db Ebm Gb 
go away go away, leave me on my own 

Cb Db Ebm Gb 

Gb Db Cb 
Finally it all makes sense, 
Ebm Db Cb 
I could keep this all from you 
Gb Db Cb 
and i could make a statement based on truth 
Ebm Db Cb 
but then it all comes tumbling down 
down down down 

Cb Db Ebm Gb 
so go away and go away, leave me on my own 
Cb Db Ebm Gb 
go away go away, leave me on my own 
Cb Db Ebm Gb 
go away and go away, leave me on my own 
Cb Db Ebm Gb 
go away go away leave me on my own 

Gb Db Gb Db 
i am holding you (i am holding you) 
Gb Db Gb Db 
i am holding you (i am holding you) 
Gb Db Gb Db 
i am holding you (i am holding you) 
Gb Db NC 
i am holding you. 

Cb Db Ebm Gb 
go away and go away, leave me on my own 
Cb Db Ebm Gb 
go away go away, leave me on my own 
Cb Db Ebm Gb 
wont you go away and go away, leave me on my own 
Cb Db Ebm Gb 
go away go away leave me on my own 
Gb Ebm Gb 
honey you'll leave me on my own 
Ebm Gb 
leave me on my own 
leave me on my own 

I had the chords spaced to match the lyrics, but it reverted it when I previewed it, =( Sound
about right? If Gb hurts you brain, you could play in G by just playing natural rather than
flat chords. Or, play in C on capo 6.
- DRMS-7888 on Fri Aug 10, 2007 2:40 am

~ I Could Be There For You ~

So, I think I've figured out a somewhat cogent tab for I could be there for you....
and I think it's right....It's essentially a three chord song...F#,Ab, and Bb....mostly 
the Ab and Bb over and over, with the F# thrown in for the bridge(Could someone please 
walk through with me, etc) and a couple of times during the verse, the "all her friends
say" part. Also, I think the drums make the song, so just the guitar is a little incomplete...
or totally wrong! Also, the 4th string middle finger part is sort of extraneous, I think 
that's the way they play it, but you don't have to, it's up to your ear. 

"She's made of sulfur..." 

"all her friends say..."and also, "love is a false dart..." 

"ring ring...through I could be there for you" 

"Could someone please walk through with me..." 

then the end is just back to the 2 chords....So yeah I think that's right. so if it's
not...let me know!!
- Christophjam on Thu Apr 27, 2006 9:55 pm

~ If You're Wondering ~

G3              Em 
Cast about the night with your hands and 
G                 Em  
Space-- the space inside of our heads and 
G                 Em 
With the fighting fighter inside I 
G                Em 
Ran with all the thrilling I hide and 
Bm             G 
I was wanting you to show me 
Bm               G 
I was wondering all the time 
Bm          Am 
But if the moon shines on 
Bm                Am 
You while you're sleeping 
Bm       Am        Bm               Am      Em 
It will show you all that you're feeling inside 

Second verse is the same, only different lyrics. 

Then there's the bridge: 

D                 A 
I thought that I 
Had all that 
That I wanted but 
C           D 
Boy, was I wrong 
As were you 
Now I know... 

Then back to the chorus.
- Underdog on Mon, 10 Dec 2007 8:50 AM (email)

~ Invasion ~

With Capo:

capo 3

verse: Bm, D, A, Bm, D, E, Bm
pre-chorus?: F#m,  A  (x4)
Chorus: Bm, D, A, E (x2)
bridge: Bm, D, Em, Em,
---------Bm, D, Em, A,
---------Bm, D, Em, G,
---------Bm, D, Em, G

_Without Capo_

verse: Dm, F, C, Dm, F, G, Dm
pre-chorus?: Am, C  (x4)
Chorus: Dm, F, C, G (x2)
bridge: Dm, F, Gm, Gm,
---------Dm, F, Gm, C,
---------Dm, F, Gm, Bb,
---------Dm, F, Gm, Bb
- Clark G. on Wed, 19 Apr 2006 5:08 pm (email)

~ Like The Actors ~

The chords for most of the song are exactly the same. I'm not totally sure about the bridge, but: 
Like The Actors 
Capo 1: 
Dust was supplied in the making of the movie, 
I don't mind, but I've got my place to share with the world 
Sharing and sharing all day long... 
- Christophjam on Sun Jan 27, 2008 11:42 am


OK, I worked out Like The Actors on guitar last month so I'll repost here. 
Would be great if someone filled in the missing bridge section. 

For the acoustic guitar part I use a capo on 1st fret and the song is E and A, both 
verse & chorus. 

Dust was supplied... 

But I don't mind... 

And then a slower strum during the chorus: 

Down, and down 

We fall down... 

The little musical bit before the bridge goes like this: 


The main 'piano riff' goes like this on guitar 


Remember, capo on first fret. 
- grain thrower on Thu Jun 05, 2008 9:37 pm

~ Many Funerals ~

Intro/Verse: Em, D


Verse? Thing?: C, D, Em, Em, D, C,...etc....


Breakdown: Mostly Em, then B7

G-----0-------0--2----(repeat)--------2----- (repeat whole thing)

Chorus? No chaaancess: Em, D, C, B7

G-----0-----0-----5-----2--or--8----- repeat...except with E, C, and D as 
power chords.

Breakdown. Same as last one. End on em for a sec or two.... and then...

Bridge: Just C and Em

Gooodbyyyeee: Same as Breakdown, just do the Em thing. except don't do the 
B7 until the very last part. End on a big E MINOR. DUNNNNN.

These are all excluding Chaunty's parts. I can nail that later if ya like. 
I'm sure you probably just wanted the chords... but I was bored. The plain 
chords are at the top of each thingy.
- Clark G. on Wed, 19 Apr 2006 5:08 pm (email)


Many Funerals Guitar Tab 

Probably should've looked if this had been done, but once I got started I had to do
the whole thing. I don't always have the right number of notes for the power chords,
just play along to the track to get a feel for tempo and how many strums. When
there is no letter designation, bottom line is the low-E string. 

___v v v ^ _v v v ^__v v v ^__v v v ^ (strum direction) 

D -9-9-9-9--9-9-9-9--7-7-7-7--9-9-9-9 
A -7-7-7-7--7-7-7-7--5-5-5-5--7-7-7-7 
E -------------------------------------- 

Bring along your tricks and trade... 

Young and agile, seaside born... 



-------------0-------------0-------------0--2---2-0-----|| 2x, end with E chord 

Break, break down 

(use same strumming pattern from 1st verse) 

---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---- 

Oooh, and now they have no chances... 

And, oh, now we take our chances... 

[Gtr.2 fill]: 

G -11-11-11----------11-11-11--------- 
D -----------9-9-9-------------9-9-9-- 
A --------------------------------------- 
E --------------------------------------- 

...leave you with your tears 

...before our lives end, too 

Bridge sorta goes like this: 

e -0----10--0----10-0----10------------------------------|| 
B -8-----8-12-----8-8-----8------------------------------|| 
G -9--9-----9--9----9--9---------------------------------|| 
D --------------------------------------------------------|| 
A ---------------------------------------0-------------0--|| 
E ---------------------------0--0-0--2-3---0--0-0--2-3---|| 

How could you have left us here? 

You had friends, you had us, 


Goodbye (break, break down) 

---------3-2-0- Goodbye (last one) 
- grain thrower on Fri Jun 06, 2008 12:53 am

~ Ten Cent Blues ~

Key of Bb

the opening: Bb Cm Eb Cm Eb
next part: Eb ("and my stilts") Cm Eb and then back to the original progression Bb Cm Eb Cm Eb
bridge: Bb Eb

(from this thread on the Eisley forum)
(it's on page 1; it's in the first post by DRMS_7888)

The above is the best translation from me without too many problems. :) - matthew
- DRMS_7888 on Sat Nov 17, 2007 9:31 pm


[TCB is quite possibly the easiest Eisley song to play/learn on guitar.]

G (Dear Orthodox...I) Am (can't control my feelings) 
C (and who hit me) Am (I just might be) C (coming round the bush)
C (and my stilts they) Am (began cracking) C (subsequently pushed)

G (and I looked to see that it was she, just some) Am (abandoned little crook like me)
C (adieu adieu, and) Am (fare thee well, this was) C (the ending plea)

G (ooooh) Am (ooohooo)
C (I was attached) Am (on bended knee, but) C (I declined my liege)

[It continues like that (G, Am, C, Am, C) until the bridge.]

G (In a way, it's making me) Am (crazy)
G (In a sense, that it's making me) Am (stronger...a)
G (likely chance...probably) Am (proven)
G (in the end we'll...all walk) Am (away....shaking)

[And then back to (G, Am, C, Am, C). End on C.] 
- marshkingsdaughter on Wed, 10 Nov 2010 8:56 PM

~ We Feel Good ~

I don't know all the lyrics, and haven't heard any recording besides the YouTube link 
posted above. Here are the chords for that: 

First verse: Alternate D-major and G-major a bunch of times. 

When she sings something like, "Oh, well I was standing alone," the chords are: 
B-flat major, C-major, and then D-major/minor (I say this because the guitar plays D-
major for about a second, but then Stacy plays an F-natural that I assume is on 
purpose, which turns it back to D-minor). 
Same chord progression repeated -- B-flat major, C-major, and D-major/minor. 

Next is a line that is something like "you make the world go round and round"? 

Starting here, the chord progression is: G-major, B-major, E-minor, A-minor, B-major, 
E-minor, A-minor, G-major. 

Then to a sort of bridge where Stacy is humming. Back to the alternating D-major 
and G-major. 

Back to the B-flat major, C-major, and D-major progression. (This time, Stacy doesn't 
play the F-natural note, so the chord doesn't flip back to D-minor.) 

Back to the same chord progression for "you make the world go round and round": G-
major, B-major, E-minor, A-minor, B-major, E-minor, A-minor. But it's different this 
time -- it ends on E-minor (not G-major). 

So now we're at the bridge-like passage starting at 2:30 in the YouTube video. The 
chords are E-minor alternating with A-minor in first inversion (that is, with the C-note 
as the lowest note). Those chords alternate three times, and then it goes from A-
minor in first inversion to F-major (at about 2:56 in the video). Back to E-minor at 
3:00 in the video. 

Back to the "you make the world go round and round" progression, except that it 
ends differently -- G-major, B-major, E-minor, A-minor, B-major, E-minor, A-minor, B-
major, E-minor, A-minor, G-major (ending chord). 

Sorry, I know that's not very clear, but I couldn't understand most of the lyrics on 
the video, so I wasn't able to make it all match up. 
- StuartBuck on Tue May 20, 2008 8:29 am
there's more talk following this tab here -matthew
it's on trolleywood.com -crazeemunkeyz

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